Martine Bruggeman teaches artistic education at the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts at Bruges and at the St. Andreas grammar school at Sint-Kruis. Her aquarelles and her creations with paper and especially acrylic paint are exhibited regularly in Belgium and abroad and she already won several prizes and awards.

Martine Bruggeman also teaches art and lace history at the Lace Centre at Bruges and already published various works on the history of lace-making. Furthermore she gives classes of contemporary lace designing.

From 1996 till 2000 she directed the lace studio at the Bruges Museums, where the emphasis was laid on innovation in lace designing together with research activities. Now she directs the “Kant Act” group that is working on new lace designs and that is located in the premises of the “Kamer van Retorika” at Sint-Michiels (Bruges).

In 1997 she got the award of the “Most Cultural Woman of the Year” in Bruges.

Martine Bruggeman also gives lectures on the history of lace, both in Belgium and abroad, and publishes articles on lace creation or on some aspect of history of lace, in art and lace magazines.