In 1985 Martine Bruggeman published “Brugge en Kant” (Bruges and Lace), a work tracing the history of lace in Bruges, and in 1987 the more concise “Brugse Kantgids” (Lace guidebook for Bruges).

In 1993 the City of Bruges and the Municipal Museums charged her with the new design of the Lace Museum at the House of Arents in Bruges. On that occasion she published the art book “Kant en Kostuum” (Lace and Costume) as well as a guidebook for visitors. As an expert in lace she received from the Municipal Museums several consulting orders and made various reports and appraisements concerning potential purchases.

In 1997 she realized by order of the City of Bruges and the Municipal Museums the prestigious exhibition “Kant in Europa” (Lace in Europe) and published an art book under the same title. The Museum Hospice-Comtesse at Lille (France) took over that exhibition under the name “L’Europe de la dentelle” (Europe of Lace).

In 2002, the year when Bruges was Cultural Capital of Europe, Martine Bruggeman was appointed as commissioner for the realization of the exhibition “Brugge Kantstad” (Bruges City of Lace) at the Art and Congress Centre “Old Saint John” at Bruges. She realized the concept of that exhibition, wrote the room texts and published the appropriate book.

Martine Bruggeman has also made about 30 small books, each containing 8 to 12 lace designs about a specific subject.