“The works of Martine Bruggeman are about fiction and reality, about things that are passing by but that can no more be wiped out. In her creations Martine Bruggeman demonstrates connections: so different elements of one and the same work form a whole, just as in our own life where dreams, expectations and reality also form one whole.”
Willy Leloup

“Her work is playing with light and colour. It is obvious that besides spontaneous and playful elements, the well-thought-out is not far away and so the spectator discovers here the essential characteristic of human life immediately: the permanent search of harmony between the extremes. Her paintings are playful but have been created by someone who knows the rules of play very well.”
Etienne Vercarre

“Her work is one great adventure. A playful Martine loves to tempt the artistic fate. In her desolate landscapes she puts seductive depths where the elements are apparently abandoned to their fate. Being capricious. Giving freedom but within the limits of what can be supported. Martine does love adventure, but she is pulling the strings.”
Johan Debruyne

“The artist announces the light: she calls it up, catches it, filters it and turns it on or off. So come into being attractive but sometimes hard and exhausting questions and contradictions, which make that her paintings become in their own representation a question itself. She feels for surprises and suggests with a contagious facility.”
Fernand Bonneure